Must. Keep. Blogging.

I want to blog. I just don’t seem to have the time. Or mental capacity. Or something.

There are things to talk about for sure. So much is going on at the moment, just can’t find the words to explain it all.

I need time. A commodity that seems to be scarce around here & will continue to be so once The Hubby leaves in a few weeks days. But then again, if I’m true to form & don’t sleep well whilst he is away then I’ll be blogging a whole lot more, probably just at a very late hour!


I can’t hear you

Well, I can hear you, but a lot of people can’t.

Did you know that there are over 3,600* Deaf children in NSW alone? A lot right? A lot of them are in the Deaf Community & use Auslan (Australian Sign Language) to communicate.

I’d always been interested in sign language, for no other reason other than it looked like something fun to learn. So last year I decided to do something for myself & went to a sign language course at the local community college. Then I went to a second one a few months later. This year I started (and have almost completed) a Certificate II in Auslan. Next year it’s Cetificate III and onwards from there.

I’ve wanted to be a few things in my 35 years. A pilot. A photographer. A sport psychologist, forensic psychologist, clinical psychologist. A mum.

I took pilot’s lessons from my 16th birthday. I have professionally taken photos multiple times. I have two degrees in psychology. I have three munchkins. You could say that’s I’ve had all my wishes come true when you look at it like that.

This however I think is my thing. The thing that I will stick to & finish. The thing that is going to become who I am. I will be an Auslan Interpreter. Sure there is a crapload of hard work still to go & probably another five years of study, but I am looking forward to it.

I am like a woman obsessed though, not only with signing but with deaf history & deaf culture. It’s just so interesting.

I’m reading, reading, reading. Biographies from deaf people, studies on how deaf children learn, my Auslan dictionary… I am loving it so much.

The hardest part is trying to get signing practice in. My dad is doing this course with me, but getting together outside of TAFE time is proving difficult between the kids & his work. So instead I practice by teaching the kids. The Girl is such a sponge & she is loving learning to sign right along side me.

Maybe I need to start vlogging in Auslan!


*Deaf Children Australia, 2004



Old Friends

I’ve been wondering of late whether sometimes friends are just that because of history. We stick around, we deal with the crap, we hold onto the possibility that it could be good again.

Sometimes it just isn’t.

I’ve removed some people from my life. Damaging people. People who were there for I don’t know what reason anymore. People who turned their back when I needed them most.

I worried that I was being awful. I was concerned over The Hubby’s relationship with these people & their partners. Then I just did it. We’re no longer Facebook friends, their numbers are removed from my mobile and I avoid seeing them.

It felt, I don’t know, hard, painful, selfish, something…. at the time. Now, it’s just a relief. I have no anxiety relating to these people anymore. I’m not interested in what they are doing or what they are saying. I hear things on the grapevine & I just think meh, like I care about that.

It’s freeing.

Now onwards & upwards to the start of a whole new life. New state. New friends (and of course some old). New new new.