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I’m a reader. This is not news to the people around me, or to those that have been following along with the blog for a reasonable amount of time.

I have so many dozens of books on my Amazon Wish List that are in all kinds of genres. I say I’m an eclectic reader & I’ll read just about anything, most people say that but there are things they don’t read. Just this year I have read a very gory horror trilogy, a sad drama & a real life account of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

I stumbled across the BBC’s 100 books list again recently & decided to challenge myself to read all 100 books. The list was missing #34 so technically it’s 99 books, but on closer inspection there are books like The Harry Potter series, which are seven books listed as one. Either way I’m getting started. Dracula has me a bit bored at the moment, it’s so old & the language is distracting, but I’ll get there, eventually. Maybe.

My current reads are a lot of deaf  biographies & the like. Loving these. However, my 12 year old Goddaughter has me wanting desperately to read John Green, particularly The Fault In Our Stars. Just have to finish my current book & off I go.

So anyway, if you’re even remotely interested, here is my book list. On there arebooks I’ve finished, what I’m reading now & what’s next on the list. I’m going to try & write up some reviews. Hopefully on a weekly basis. We’ll see how I go.


To Make A New Friend

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“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” Elbert Hubbard

I’ve always found it hard to make friends. I’m too awkward, too shy, I don’t have anything to say, I don’t know enough.

In truth I have very little self-confidence & I just don’t think that anyone really needs me to be their friend. People have their social circles already, why would they need me too.

I know, right.

Anyway so there are some people in my life at the moment who are acquaintances. Facebook friends, TAFE friends, play group friends, school mum friends. I use the term friends loosely here because I don’t know much about them other than from short conversations & Facebook statuses.

My best friend, the one who I have no idea how she came to be my friend soul mate (it’s totally a thing), but who is here for the long haul, says I need to put myself out there more. I need to talk to these people.

I tell her about the Irish mum I chatter with at school. She has a son in my son’s class and younger two who are a bit older than my younger two. She is busy. She works two jobs, she does boot camp, she has three kids who all have activities. I have excuses why she couldn’t possibly have time for me.

My friend hears, most weeks, about the cool mum at play group. The one who wears her baby, that had a surprise unattended home birth. The crunchy mama who I think is completely awesome. But she is my sister’s friend, they went to school together. It would be weird, right?

Then there is the TAFE mum who I have a bit of a crush on heh. She has six kids, her youngest three are about the same age as my three, one born on the same day as my big boy, we would’ve been in labour together! We have bonded over the dreaded loom bands, chatted about birthday cakes & parties. She is just in general a pretty cool chick. So why on earth would she want to be friends with a weirdo like me.

Excuses. Excuses. Excuses.

The worst part is, instead of speaking directly to them I post on the blog that they have no idea exists. Then sit here contemplating whether to send them a link to it on Facebook.

Seriously people I am clearly bat-crap insane.

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