Old Friends

I’ve been wondering of late whether sometimes friends are just that because of history. We stick around, we deal with the crap, we hold onto the possibility that it could be good again.

Sometimes it just isn’t.

I’ve removed some people from my life. Damaging people. People who were there for I don’t know what reason anymore. People who turned their back when I needed them most.

I worried that I was being awful. I was concerned over The Hubby’s relationship with these people & their partners. Then I just did it. We’re no longer Facebook friends, their numbers are removed from my mobile and I avoid seeing them.

It felt, I don’t know, hard, painful, selfish, something…. at the time. Now, it’s just a relief. I have no anxiety relating to these people anymore. I’m not interested in what they are doing or what they are saying. I hear things on the grapevine & I just think meh, like I care about that.

It’s freeing.

Now onwards & upwards to the start of a whole new life. New state. New friends (and of course some old). New new new.


Big News

For the longest time we have always joked about moving interstate. Then The Hubby applied for a job. Next thing I know, I’m going to be a single mother for three months whilst he starts his new job and we finish out the school year before moving after Christmas.

Wait. What?

Ok so I will rewind a little bit & give you the whole story seeing as I have been distinctly absent from the interwebs lately.

Currently we are living in Sydney. Now I say currently, but that has been true for the last 35 years, neither of us have lived anywhere else. However, we have said for a while that we’d like to live in Melbourne.

The Hubby works for a government department that has recently restructured (read, gotten rid of bunches of people) so he applied for a job in Melbourne. Then got an interview. And another interview. And finally got the job.

He starts in three weeks.

We figured, as shitty as it’s going to be for all concerned, the best move is for the kids & I to finish out the school/TAFE/dancing/swimming year in Sydney whilst he moves down to start the job. We will move in the few days after Christmas.

It’s exciting and scary all at once.


Books books books

I’m a reader. This is not news to the people around me, or to those that have been following along with the blog for a reasonable amount of time.

I have so many dozens of books on my Amazon Wish List that are in all kinds of genres. I say I’m an eclectic reader & I’ll read just about anything, most people say that but there are things they don’t read. Just this year I have read a very gory horror trilogy, a sad drama & a real life account of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

I stumbled across the BBC’s 100 books list again recently & decided to challenge myself to read all 100 books. The list was missing #34 so technically it’s 99 books, but on closer inspection there are books like The Harry Potter series, which are seven books listed as one. Either way I’m getting started. Dracula has me a bit bored at the moment, it’s so old & the language is distracting, but I’ll get there, eventually. Maybe.

My current reads are a lot of deaf  biographies & the like. Loving these. However, my 12 year old Goddaughter has me wanting desperately to read John Green, particularly The Fault In Our Stars. Just have to finish my current book & off I go.

So anyway, if you’re even remotely interested, here is my book list. On there arebooks I’ve finished, what I’m reading now & what’s next on the list. I’m going to try & write up some reviews. Hopefully on a weekly basis. We’ll see how I go.