{Review} Because grown ups deserve a little luxury too…

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I received a complimentary aden +anais daydrem blanket for review with thanks to aden + anais.
No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post.
All opinions expressed are purely my own.

About a million years ago (okay it was only four), I did a review for the aden + anais Dream Blanket. One of the first things I said on that review was that I wished they made them in adult size….

Well a few weeks ago I found out they now do come in adult size!!

Introducing the aden + anais Daydream Blanket.


The daydream blankets are just beautiful.

  • Four layers of 100% cotton muslin, which is soft & breathable
  • Big size 153cm x 183cm
  • Products woven in the natural fiber of muslin have the ability to withstand countless washes and become softer with age.


I received a circle dance classic blanket (as pictured above), it also comes in a gorgeous turqoise (ocean edge) or with a lovely grey branch pattern (branch out). Alternatively for a little bit extra, you can get a bamboo muslin daydream blanket in a variety of prints too.

I’m completely in love with the daydream blanket, it’s the best to snuggle under while watching TV of a cool autumn evening. The only problem is that my boys have decided they agree! The Girl has her dream blanket, but the boys keep trying to claim my daydream blanket! Luckily I can steal it back once they go to bed!!

It’s mother’s day very very soon, a daydream blanket would be the perfect gift if you ask me…..



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That dog has a fluffy tail! Hehehe. Come here fluff.
Homer Simpson

So I have this distraction that I need to keep my eyes on every second of the day. He likes to swallow things he shouldn’t, he climbs, he gets into cupboards, he pulls every book and DVD off the shelf & the house is constantly littered with his drink bottles, cups, plates & toys. He will be two next week.

I’m studying which is taking up some time.

Plus I am reading constantly. Novels, biographies, TAFE books…

On top of all that, there is this horrible never ending job…. The dreaded housework.

Blogging has been put on the backburner for a while. Perhaps in my weekly schedule I should add a blogging hour or two each week….

I’ll be back properly one day. Hopefully soon.

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