Running (physically & from bad thoughts)

I dropped the speed on the treadmill for the third time.

My feet were screaming at me.

My head screamed louder.

Why are you slowing down?
You’ve done nothing for three days, you should be pushing harder to make up for it.
You’re so lazy & unfit.
How do you ever expect to get fit like this?

But then I kept going & walked away from those thoughts. I forced myself to change my thinking and kicked those thoughts out.

Two weeks ago Sarah had a treadmill sitting in the garage gathering dust & cobwebs. She didn’t move much. She had a million excuses. Two weeks ago Sarah was pretty much sedentary & wouldn’t have bothered hoping on the treadmill after already walking 3km around a shopping centre.

I’m not longer her.

As I continued to move, I remembered that.


I started walking last week after having a very unfortunate run in with a set of scales at Scienceworks. I wanted to lose weight. I HAD to lose weight. So we set up the treadmill & I started.

I didn’t expect to enjoy it. I didn’t expect that awesome endorphin rush once I cooled down. I didn’t expect to be thrilled about walking 4.7km in 45 minutes. But I am enjoying it & when my head isn’t screaming at me that I will never be fit, I am very proud of myself.

I decided to join Operation Move. Zoey & Katie¬†are awesome. They are both mums who could have a million excuses but they get out there and kick butt. I’m trying to be like them. For the next ten weeks they are going to teach me exactly that. They are teaching me to run.

I’m nervous, I’m excited. I’m going to be a runner.

Takes that two weeks ago Sarah & your stupid negative brain!


Currently #1

So I’m failing at blogging once again, but I found this (2 year old) meme that I thought I could use each week if I’m not feeling the blogging vibe. So here it is….




Feel Good Challenge 7 – Happy

So last night The Lovely Husband asked me where number 7 in the Feel Good Challenge was. Admittedly I had forgotten all about it. I’ve started up with my Wreck This Journal again, plus I’ve been knitting. And well, living life, so I haven’t been blogging once again. But here I am with the last day of the challenge.

As with the other challenges, these aren’t in any particular order.


Name 7 things that make you happy.

  1. My family
  2. Hanging out with the Fairy Godmother
  3. Seeing a completed project
  4. Having a tidy house (even better if someone else has cleaned it!)
  5. Baking something delicious
  6. Looking at photos
  7. Cuddling up under a blanket & watching a movie