Little Baby Glasses

Have you ever seen a little kid wearing glasses? They look pretty cute right? Well if you haven’t heard on Twitter or Facebook, my little baby girl has gotten her first pair of glasses this week.

For a little while I’ve thought that her left eye turned in, mostly when she was tired but it was getting more obvious. So off we went to the Paediatric Ophthalmologist late last month.

It turns out that little Miss J is long sighted & as a result it’s causing both of her eyes to turn in. The left is quite obvious & the focus on it is worse than the right, but the right isn’t quite perfect either. I’ll show you a pic so you can see…

See how her right eye is looking straight ahead but her left eye is turning slightly in? That’s the problem. So now our baby girl has to wear glasses. This is not a big deal to me, her daddy & I both wear glasses so it’s just one of those things.

We picked them up on Monday & it was a struggle to get her to put them on at first, but now even after only a few days it’s second nature. All we have to do now is stop her from putting her fingers all over them!

See I told you they were cute!!

The next step is going back to the Ophthalmologist at the end of April to see if there’s been any improvement. Dependent on the results of that she made need to have her good eye patched so her bad eye can get stronger. This part I’m scared about, Miss J won’t even keep a bandaid on for five minutes how will we go with a patch?!

13 thoughts on “Little Baby Glasses

  1. She does look very cute, but I hope that her eye gets stronger soon. My husband and I also both wear glasses and my boys are forever trying to put them on, and I am forever wiping finger prints of them…

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!! I think little kids and glasses are just so cute. Before I had one with glasses I remember watching the movie Jerry Maguire and gooing over the little boy with glasses…then I ended up with a little boy with glasses!!!

  3. Naw I loooove kids with glasses. My sister has worn glasses since age 3 when patching was done with big amounts of tape and looked really ugly – these days you can get groovy patches that slide over the frames so if she’s already used to glasses it won’t be too hard to keep it on her :) There is a beautiful website called Little Four Eyes all about kids with glasses and patches – if she sees pictures of other kids her age it might help.

  4. Girl Child (7) got glasses this week. Bifocals even. I think she looks cute but Little Miss J looks gorgeous too.

    Boy Child had one eye patched for about 6 months (maybe? he was young I can’t remember).

    There are different kinds of patches. He had sensory issues so the stick on the skin ones did not happen in this house. We ended up with black ones with elastic around the back and as someone suggested above spent a lot of time playing pirates.

    But as Glowless said patching the glasses might be the way to go if she is still wearing them.

  5. Sarah, this is exactly what Lindsay’s problem was with his eyes. We did the patching and it worked a treat – you can get some really funky cloth ones that you actually put over the glasses themselves so they don’t have to have a bandaid type patch actually stuck to their face.

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