Change Your Passwords!

I realise the stupidity of this, but I honestly never thought I did anything that interesting online to get hacked.

Call me naive if you will.

For some crazy reason I had a password on a website that was related to something in real life. It wasn’t my birthdate or anything to do with the kids so I thought it was fairly safe. Apparently it was obvious enough for someone I know to guess it.

This person hacked into one of my online accounts for some reason.

I have my suspicions why and what she did with the information she gained from doing so, but I can’t say any more than that because I’m not 100% sure that she hacked my account. 98% sure isn’t quite enough to name & shame in my opinion, just in case I’m wrong.

So it got me thinking about internet security and I think that I may have been a bit very lax in that department, though not quite as bad as my hubby who had one password for everything until recently. I had maybe three passwords for everything with minor variations to them, some had capitals, others had numbers added to the words, but really there were three with variations. This was for everything, this blog, email, online banking and every other site I was a member of.

I didn’t think this was a problem, surely noone would care that much about what i do online to hack into my accounts. Right? Clearly I was wrong.

When I found out about the hacking recently I changed them all. Every last one of them. Then hubby bought a program called 1Password which makes up random passwords with numbers, symbols & letters for each website we use. There is then the master password that controls all of the other details. It is very cool & highly unlikely to be hacked because you’d have to be sitting at my computer to with the master password to get anywhere.

So I guess the moral of this post is as the title says, change your passwords because even if you think you’re not worth hacking, there is always someone out there that thinks you are.

10 thoughts on “Change Your Passwords!

  1. Even if you have a really strong password and change it often there are still ways to hack into accounts. Nothing on the internet is ever truly deleted or hidden!

  2. My Hotmail got hacked once. As did BB. It was a horrible feeling. Mine are now all totally random and I change them a lot.

    Yuk. It leaves a really nasty taste in the mouth, doesn’t it?


  3. No doubt you’ve saved the master password on a backup (machine and hard copy) so that if your computer gets stolen you’re not up the proverbial without the necessary paddling equipment?!

  4. This has made me shudder. I worry about this thing quite often. Especially this week when someone tried to use hubby’s credit details … in France! And my blog received over 100 spam comments in one night. Not quite the same thing, I know, but the whole thing just puts me on edge. I feel for you with it being someone you know. That’s pretty low! Take care. xx

  5. It’s scary how easy it can be isn’t it – but it’s still so easy to be blase. I’m normally fairly conscientious with passwords, and in any case, often forget them so they have to be reset anyway.

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