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It’s About the Beetroot Isn’t it?


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Another one to add to the “Sarah is crazy” files….

Once upon a time, a very long time ago there was an ad for iron or fibre or something, I can’t remember what exactly & I cannot for the life of me find it anywhere on the net either.

Anyway, in this ad there was a lady easting a gigantic sandwich & I mean half the sandwich was as big as her body, so huge. The voice over said “you have to eat a sandwich this big to get your daily intake of iron/fibre/whatever it was.” Then as the lady went to bite the sandwich all of the salad fell out over her & she had this defeated look on her face.

My comment was….

“The beetroot didn’t even leave a mark on her.”

So yes, nevermind the size of the giant sandwich being unbelievable, my concern was that the beetroot didn’t leave a mark.

From then on, whenever I say something stupid along those lines, when I pick the least obvious issue & miss the big glaring thing happening in a situation it’s known as a beetroot comment. My husband and the Fairy Godmother think this is hilarious & remind me of it often. The funny thing is that now whenever I do it, I laugh & tell hubby that I just have to tell the Fairy Godmother….

This happened recently, the night before I went to Melbourne. When I was in the car with Fairy Godmother I told her that I had a beetroot story for her but I just couldn’t remember it so I sent hubby a message…

And if it looks like I responded straight away after I asked, well I pretty much did… As soon as I got the message back I remembered.

So the night before a conversation came up about the Round & Round the Garden kids poem, I’ve written about it before it you’re interested & we were discussing once again who’s words were right.

I was silly enough to say, well running round the garden like a teddy bear didn’t make sense, it implies that teddy bears regularly run & well they don’t. I also thought that round the garden goes the teddy bear didn’t make much sense either because why was the teddy bear going round & round, if it was going somewhere then fine but just round & round? No. I concluded that chasing a teddy bear made much more sense, because then he would have a reason to be running round and round, ie because he’s being chased.

Hubby laughed at this very one sided conversation and I stopped talking and said…

It’s about the beetroot isn’t it?


Yes I realise that I am a little on the strange side!

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  1. Dinjo

    I think the glaring fact in this one is that you’re mental… and that teddy bears can’t run, be chased, etc as they are inanimate… but mostly because you’re mental.

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