Digital Parents Blog Carnival July 2011

As you might already know, I’m a member of the Digital Parents forum, which is a great place for parent bloggers to get together & talk about all things blogging & social media. Once a month though, Digital Parents hold a Blog Carnival where members can submit their best posts from the previous month to share their blog with people that might not otherwise have seen them before.

This month I’m hosting.

So put up your feet & have a read of some great blog posts by the parents of Australia…

From Tropical Mum (Shelly)
Slow and Steady Finishes the Race, Late and Distracted Stuffs It Up
It was on my bucket list, and I committed to doing it in a blog post, so there was no way I was going to back out. After the events of the morning, I am questioning the wisdom in my resolve.
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From Madam Bipolar (Sawhole)
Things I Have Learnt From My Worst Enemy
Bipolar disorder almost killed me but it taught me a few things as well.
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From Leaf. Paper for Life. (Cath)
Free To Move
At what age should legs replace the stroller?
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From Pandamoanium (Sharon)
Baby Steps
Starting my recovery from alcohol dependance and realising it cant all be done now, and doesnt have to be.
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From Blossom Heart (Alyce)
Why I Won’t Be Seeing Transfromers: Dark Side of the Moon
I can tolerate some action movies. I can tolerate movies based on cartoons or comic books (heck, I actually like X-Men). I am even a Trekkie. But as a woman, I cannot stand the Transformers movies.
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From My Mummy Daze (Fiona)
Sleeeeep. Sweet sleep.
Do you remember when sleeping-in was something that just happened? Now, with little people who don’t understand sleeping through, let alone sleeping in, we have to work a special routine to get a good extra 30 minutes of shut eye (if that). Here’s how…
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From Wherever the Day Takes You (Skylee)
That Mum and the Dog
Every Mum has their coping strategies for dealing with supermarkets + kids. Read what happens when it all goes terribly wrong….
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From Wanderlust (Kristin)
A different kind of prison
There are many kinds of prisons in this world. A discussion of the emotional prison victims of crime often spend their lives within.
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From Easy Peasy Kids (Nathalie)
Balancing Life – Are You Kidding Me? What A Load Of …….
Are you stressing out trying to find a balance ?
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From Mummy K
My life as a journalist Part 2
The second part of the series of my life as a journalist. This time with some military helicopter peeing incident.
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From Teachermum (Debbie)
The Choice We Make
An important choice to make after a serious argument with my son

From Last 100 Days as an Alcoholic (Brendan)
Patience or What is a Goal Void?

From Maid In Australia (Bronnie)
Magic, Money and other stories
A broke Bronnie Marquardt finds that the money fairy works in magical ways. You just have to know where to look!

From Toushka Lee
One Bad Apple
a post about destructive liars and the end of a friendship.
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From Farmer’s Wifey (Michelle)
Sunday Explore
Michelle from Farmers Wifey shares with you an amazing day on her farm.
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From Parental Parody (Georgia)
In a Perfect World…
After another stress testing day with the feral threesome, I came up with my version of Ultimate Playgroup.  It involves spinach and voilin and foreign language lessons for the kids, and massages, naps and cocktails for parents.
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From Anything, Everything & Inbetween (Kel)
Why it’s not cool to be married to a sympathy spewer
A tale of my husband’s deepest, darkest fear. And no, it’s not a pub with no beer…

From New Adventures in Dreamworld (Amy)
Wholly Strange and New
A #Trust30 writing exercise, this post is about thinking you have all your pieces in places until you discover a very important one to be missing…

From Jadeluxe (Jade)
Dragons, Pigs, Hotties and Notties
A look at one of Hong Kong’s many iconic celebrations, the Dragonboat Festival, including photos of Hong Kong Hotties in lycra.  Also a particularly horrifying picture of a Hong Kong Nottie that almost completely negates the appeal of the Hotties.

From Just Me (Sarah)
Welcome to Anxiety
An insight into what life is like when you deal with anxiety.
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From My Life in Mono (Felicakes)
Sleep Sabotage.
Am I the only one asking for trouble or is it common for parents to feel the urge to fuss over their sleeping baby?
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From Nellbe’s Gluten Free Kitchen Table (Nellbe)
Masterchef And Embracing Different Food Requirements (including Gluten Free)
Nellbe finds it frustrating that Masterchef rarely recognises that different people have different food requirements.
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From The Family Factor (Collett)
Cyber-bullying: Empower Your Child – Girls vs Boys
Just as boys and girls experience play-ground bullying differently, online bullying will be different too. So, whether you believe more in nature or  nurture or some of each, I can not deny the differences that I see every day in the interaction between the boys and girls that I work closely with.
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From Help!Mum (Tenille)
Getting the Most From Social Media
I recently attended the CeBIT WebForward conference, where a big focus was social media; joining the conversation, engaging with an audience, and being authentic. Here are a few tips that might help you and your blog.
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From Parental Wellbeing (Jodie)
How We Talk to Little Girls
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