I realised this morning that I am technically halfway through the pregnancy!! Bubby will be arriving at around 38 weeks so although official halfway isn’t til next week, it really is today. Confused you yet?

This week has been an exciting one with the little person starting to move more obviously, I think it’s definitely a squirmy one in there, though the other two were particularly squirmy as well 😉

We had our morphology scan on Thursday with the results showing that we have an absolutely perfect baby boy on the way! We’re very excited about that, but probably not as much as big brother who wants to teach him to build Lego & play cars! And of course, whether you like it or not you’re getting some ultrasound pics at the end of this post…

I’ve bought my first little suit for the little man as well, it says “I can roll but my daddy rocks” hehe I think daddy liked it 😉 I desperately want to pull out all of Mr Z’s baby clothes to see what I have but at only halfway & with nowhere to put them until we sort out the rooming situation I’m going to have to wait for a bit longer. Oh & I’ve started looking at prams again because ours when all yuck being stored in the garage for so long. I want something funky & different this time and have found a very cool pram on eBay, only thing is that it’s from Germany so it’s not like I can go down to the shops & have a look at what it’s like in person. It’s the only thing stopping me at this point. Hmmmm.

Otherwise things are going along nicely, the headaches are finally tapering off & I’m feeling pretty good.

My only issue at the moment is the heat… We’ve had two 30 degree days already & I just wonder how on earth I am going to cope at 6-9 months pregnant when it starts getting really hot. Thank goodness for ducted air conditioning & a pool in the backyard!

Look at that cute little button nose!

3D scans are awesome!!

Mummy & her new boy!

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