Just Dance 3 on XBox 360 Kinect

So over the weekend we had a bit of a dance party at our place thanks to Just Dance 3 on XBox 360 which was released last month. I’ll show you a bit of a comparison video so you can see how well we did ok?

This is the preview video from UbiSoft…

And our video…

Almost the same right? We totally rocked it!!

Ok so may maybe we didn’t quite rock it, but man was it fun to try!

The song selection is absolutely awesome. In the clip the dads were dancing to You Can’t Touch This (MC Hammer), the mums did Baby One More Time (Britney Spears) and the little girls danced to anything & everything! There are 40 songs included plus there is a code inside to get two free Katy Perry songs added, on top of that you can purchase more songs from the XBox Marketplace not that you need any more to start with 😉

Some of the moves are pretty hard & as you could see in the vlog I spent a majority of the time laughing my head off at how bad I was (if you didn’t realise I’m in the middle with the big pregnant belly)! The kids on the other hand were so quick to pick up the moves & put the adults to shame most of the time! We played in the simultaneous mode which allows up to four players to jump in & out at anytime. You can also sing along with “Shout Out” & choreograph your own moves with “Just Create” which I think would be a lot of fun too.

The thing that I think will be really cool, once this little person is born, is the “Just Sweat” setting where you can turn the game into a proper workout. Nice huh?! Who needs Zumba when you have Just Dance 3!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now of course I won’t let you get away empty handed…

I have a copy of Just Dance 3 on XBox 360 (RRP $69.95) for one lucky reader.

To enter, you need to leave a comment below telling me what is your favourite song to dance to, it can be an old or new I’m not fussed.

For an extra entry, like the main Just Me Facbook page, then leave me an extra comment saying you’ve done so. To make it easier you can just click the link over there on the right ->

Entries close Monday the 14th of November, with the winner announced that evening. Entries open only to Australian residents.

Disclosure: I received complimentary copy of Just Dance 3 courtesy of Niche Marketing & Ubisoft. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

36 thoughts on “Just Dance 3 on XBox 360 Kinect

  1. The current favourite in this household is Party Rock Anthem. We’ve got the shufflin’ going on!

  2. I love Just Dance but haven’t seen the third one yet. You guys were great but the boys cracked me up. It really is a workout.

    My favourite song to dance at the moment is Party Rock Anthem. Now I feel like putting Just Dance on.

  3. You guys were awesome!
    Looks like a great way to spend a Saturday night. Love that even your little ones got involved. :)
    My fave song to dance to would have to be Nutbush City Limits. A wedding or party in our family is not complete until everyone has Nutbushed themselves to exhaustion.

  4. My favourite mover & shaker: YMCA by the Village People gets everyone up dancing. So much fun to watch Gran do her thing.

    FB: Mary Preston

  5. My favourite song to boogie to would be Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! I love singing along and dancing along with my three young daughters!

  6. I love ‘The Time Warp’ it is one of those dances that just about everyone knows and is easy to teach to those who don’t.
    Although i am a sucker for a beat and can be found dancing around the house to commercial jingles and theme songs to programs as well

  7. I love the songs that have dance moves attached because I have no inbuilt rhythm to rely on!-at least I can practice with sonds like timewarp and bus stop-although im still pretty un-co!

  8. This is totally awesome you can have fun with the kids during the day and when they are asleep and the adults are having a drink it is still heaps of fun.

    A game for all ages – PS the video was fun to watch. I think J will be quite the dancer :)

  9. I love the chicken dance, its crazy
    It stops you from being lazy!!
    flapping around in all directions
    this is a song in my favourite collection.
    Great for weddings and partys alike
    it makes me want to sing into the mike. :)

  10. My daughter loves twirling around doing a made up walz to some really traditional music. There’s also a song on her silly songs CD that is the best workout ever. (while holding a baby!) Peppermint Twist I think it is, exhausting!

  11. Being an oldie – I have to confess that I still love Nutbush City Limits. It still seems to be able to get everyone up on the floor.

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