32 Weeks

Clearly I’m on a roll, a full week without a post & I even forgot to schedule my Tuesday 10 this week. What can I say, pregnancy exhaustion has well & truly kicked in now.

Even though the exhaustion is there I’m definitely getting a lot done to prepare for the little man’s arrival. His room is pretty much set up ready to go with his clothes & blankets washed, ironed & packed away. I’ve picked a theme for his room & am waiting waiting for the things I’ve ordered to arrive so I can make it all beautiful. Of course photos will follow very soon. I’m debating at the moment whether to set up the hammock or not. I think I will & if he doesn’t like it (like Miss J didn’t) then I’ll pack it away and *sob* sell it.

I’m getting very emotional looking at all of the baby things we have. Going through Mr Z’s baby clothes just made me remember a time when he was so small & when I was just not handling things well, to put it mildly. I also went through a lot of the girl clothes we had this week to pass on to a friend who is having a girl a few months after our bub arrives. I kept quite a bit, even though we keep saying this will be our last baby, but I’m not so sure that he will be. Wishful thinking?

On the gestational diabetes front things are going along well, I’ve lost a bit more weight & my sugar levels have crept up only a tiny bit. Apparently I’m doing everything I should be, but I’m still worried every. single. time. I put something in my mouth. This is so much hard work! I am managing to find some good recipes & substitutes for other things but chocolate still beckons sadly. We have however planned a trip to the Lindt Cafe or Koko Black for Mother’s Day, something definitely to look forward to.

And lastly, a belly shot (or three)

Hubby seems to think that I’m bigger this time round, I don’t think so, but I’m thinking I’m a similar shape to Mr Z (the first pic). What do you think?

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