Yumbums – All Natural Bottom Balm

Product Talk By Nuffnang

As I said just last week, we like to keep things natural for our baby’s skin, this of course includes creams and lotions for their nappy area.

We’ve been testing Yumbums All Natural Bottom Balm for Bubs in the last week or so with The Baby. We’ve found that at only eight weeks old, he is quite prone to nappy rash already, so we’ve been trying all sorts of lotions and cream on his bottom. So far, nothing has gotten rid of the redness & pain on using wipes on his bottom.

Until now.

Yumbums is all natural & when you read the ingredients the items are actually things you have heard of. None of those nasty 15 syllable names of weird chemicals in here. Yumbums uses organic olive oil, organic beeswax and organic coconut oil as well as Calendula, Chamomile, Golden Seal and Licorice root. Each component selected by a qualified naturopath for their healing properties. The cool thing is, that as well as working on nappy rash & sore bottoms, Yumbums is designed to work on eczema and other sore skin conditions. I’m just waiting for The Girl to have an eczema flare up to test it out now!

There are no synthetic perfumes in Yumbums which are often harmful to little bottoms, but that’s not to say that this bottom balm doesn’t smell lovely. I showed it to a few friends & the general consensus is that it has a kind of chocolatey coconutty sweet smell. Nice right? Who wouldn’t want their bottom smelling of chocolate!!

My only issue with the product at all was that it is in a jar…. I have long nails which means that I end up with some under my nails which is a bit of a pain, but in saying that Yumbums is a thick balm that it would never work in a tube. All good, I just started using cotton buds to scoop out a bit of the balm & then transferred it to my finger tip for rubbing into The Baby’s bottom. Problem solved.

Yumbums comes in a 50ml jar & you can buy it from the Yumbums website for $18.50 plus postage. It might seem to be a bit expensive for a little jar, however you need so little of it at each nappy change that I think it will last quite a while. In the last week, using it at every nappy change (up to 12 a day with Mr Poops-Alot!) we have barely scratched the surface of the jar! As well as that, you are getting a fantastic, natural product that isn’t going to do any damage to baby’s skin. What more can you ask for?

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