How To Start A Blog eBook

Have you ever thought about starting your own blog but had no idea where to begin?


Have you started a blog, gotten lost & given up before you got it going?


Do you have a new blog that you need some help with?

Then Louisa Claire‘s new eBook How to Start a Blog is for you.

I already have a blog (or two or three) and wondered if there would be anything in it for me. I was surprised to find that there actually is some great info in there that was helpful to me even though I’ve been blogging for more than five years. I’m now going to be updating my about pages, adding some new plugins and modifying my site design a little bit (again). It’s always good to get some fresh perspective on something you think you know very well.

Of course if you are new to blogging, it’s going to be even more helpful for you! The chapters include:

  • What Is A Blog?
  • Tips For Naming Your Blog
  • Blogger vs WordPress: Which Platform Is Best For You?
  • Setting Up Your Blog
  • 5 Things Every Blog Needs
  • Finding Readers
  • Tips & Tricks For Successful Blogging
  • How To Make Your Blog PR Friendly

You can purchase the book through the link on my sidebar (on both this review blog & my regular blog). I am an affiliate, so I receive a small commision from each sale through my links.

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If you would like to win a copy of Louisa Claire’s How To Start a Blog eBook, you can do it here!

For your chance to win, leave me a comment below telling me what you would blog about it you were to start up a new blog today.

I will select a winner from the comments next week, Wednesday the 23rd of May 2012.

Entries are open to anyone & everyone, even if you already have your own blog.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of How To Start A Blog for review, with thanks to Louisa Claire. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

3 thoughts on “How To Start A Blog eBook

  1. If I was to start a new blog today it would be to promote diversity in all its forms.

  2. Im planning on using my blog as a stepping stone to maaaaaybe starting up a cupcake business :) that is if I ever get it up and running! Lol

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