The Girl’s Eyes – After the Surgery

If you’ve been following on for a while you’ll know that The Girl had to wear glasses for about eight months last year and in the middle of that she had Bilateral Squint Surgery to correct the turns in her eyes. Strangely I have realised that I never actually did an update post after the surgery & I figured I had better let you all know how she is going. Today seemed like the right time, one year post surgery.

We’ve had quite a few appointments since the surgery & each has given us a little good news so things are slowly getting better.

The latest thing we’re doing is patching The Girl’s good eye for two hours a day three days a week, down from every day which we did for two months.

It’s not as easy as it sounds though because either I forget or little miss refuses to wear it for the full time. I can imagine it’s hard on her trying to make her weaker eye work all the time.

Either way it’s all improving & hopefully after this next three months of patching her weaker left eye will be better & there’ll be no more worry over eyes.

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  1. it is tough doing the patching thing. We had to do it with DSD when she was around 8 for a couple of years for astigmatism and she hated it.

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