Fathers Day Creativity!

I recently found The Dating Divas, a really cool blog with stacks of date night ideas and crafty gifts. I have spent hours going through the ideas and have a few I’m going to use for The Hubby, one being the advent calendar for spouses.

Now I’ve always had an issue withe using hubby’s money to buy his gifts. Yes yes it’s our money but it feels a bit wrong to expect him to be buying his own presents. What? I know, I’m weird. Obviously, having not worked since February I have no income aside from the baby bonus which I use for boring things like food and nappies and other essentials. Sadly there wasn’t much left for a fab fathers day present this year.

The Dating Divas to the rescue!

I discovered a cute idea to ask the kids what they love about Daddy (and Pop & Da) to come up with some really thoughtful and inexpensive gifts. This is what we came up with.

  • Teddy to cuddle – Daddy gives good “cuggles” (The Girl)
  • Pony Movie – I love when Daddy watches movies with me (The Girl)
  • Light Saber DS stylus set – Daddy lets me play with his new 3DS (The Boy)
  • Hot Wheels Car – I like when Daddy and I go to car shows (The Boy)
  • Rubber Duck – I like when Daddy takes me in the bath (The Baby)
  • Milk Bottles – Daddy thinks I’m sweet like lollies (The Baby)


They looked great all wrapped up with the printables from the blog. Daddy loved the idea, particularly the milk bottles from the baby who only has milk at this stage!

Such a great idea that we’ll be using for lots of different occasions I think.

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