{Review} Elmo’s Learning Adventure

The Girl is desperately wanting to learn to read and write and everything else her big brother is learning at school too. The thing is, she won’t be going to school for another year, which means I need to figure out activities at home for her tat will stimulate her current need to know everything.

Enter Elmo’s Learning Adventure.

This awesome new set has become our current “go to” activity when miss wants to do some homework.

Elmo’s Learning Adventure is a series of story books, activity books and adventure cards, which form a unit that can work together or the individual components can stand on their own. Every storybook deals with one or more themes. For example, a book about health can also be used to learn about colour (apples are red, bananas are yellow, etc.). With the adventure cards, the front is for the child, with big, colourful art and simple text, and the back is for the parent, with suggested questions and activities.  Each activity book has games that build skills across all nine categories

  1. Big Bird’s Big Words (vocabulary)
  2. Count Me in (numbers & counting)
  3. Zoe’s Rainbow (colours, shapes, patterns, and textures)
  4. Grover’s Thinking Cap (problem solving)
  5. Elmo’s World (science)
  6. Cookie & Me (health)
  7. Be a Buddy (being part of a community)
  8. Magical Moments (special events, birthdays, doctor visits etc)
  9. Letter of the Day (reading & writing)


The story in book one is about Transportation. The usual Sesame Street characters talk about different types of transport in the story and there are questions on each page to keep your little person engaged & involved in the story.

We then went to the activity book which had activities related to the story. There are letters to learn questions to answer and all sorts of fun stuff in there.

Lastly we’re the flash cards. They don’t seem to be related exactly to the story, but in combination with flash cards from other books they make a good little collection. For example, there are flash cards called “Zoe’s Rainbow”, each card takes about a different colour and while The Girl has known her colours for a long time, it’s handy for her to be able to start reading the words too.

For more information on the series and how to get your own copy, check out the website.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary pack of Elmo’s Learning Adventure for review with thanks the Sesame Street. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

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